How to create professional documentation like MSDN using VS & Sandcastle

When I was assigned to document some projects at work, I saw people doing such documentation on Word, copying and pasting each method and explaining in paragraphs what the code does. But, the first thing I noticed is that it is very boring and tedious, and I knew there should be something to automate it from metadata. So, I took the task to research a little bit about it and  found that there is a wide variety of tools to do so.

I work with visual studio a lot, so I am going to explain what I did using this IDE, but this is not limited to it.

In Visual C# we can create documentation by including comments of triple slashes. Then, we are going to be able to see an XML documentation file after each build, but we have to enable that setting in our project properties prior to build it.

xml_doc (1)

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